CNC Turning Turning Equipment CNC Machining Centers
1 Leadwell LTC-50BL 50HP
1 Leadwell LTC-50B 50HP
3 Leadwell LTC-30BP 40HP
2 Leadwell GTC-25 20HP
1 Leadwell LTC-10BP 10HP
1 Leadwell T-8 25HP
1 Hwacheon Hi-Tech 400
1 Leadwell LTC-30 CPL
1 Webb Engine Lathe 17"x40"
1 Hwacheon Engine lathe 22"x80"
1 Hwacheon Engine lathe 18"x40"
2 Leadwell MCV-1300P Vertical
1 Brother TC-32IN PPC w/pallet changer
1 Brother TC-228 Vertical
1 Leadwell TDC-450 Vertical
2 Leadwell MCH-350 Horizontal
1 Litz LV-760 Vertical
1 Kitamura Mycenter 4X Vertical W/APC
1 Leadwell MCH-400 Horizontal
1 Leadwell TDC-510 Vertical
Milling Equipment Drilling & Tapping Equipment Grinding Equipment
1 Bridgeport Vertical Mill
1 Lagun Vertical Mill
2 Acer Vertical Mills
1 American Radial Drill Press
1 Ibarma Drill Press
1 Acer AGS-1224 Surface Grinder
Key Cutting Equipment Inspection Equipment Miscellaneous Equipment
1 LaPointe Machine Broach
1 Morrison Keyseater
1 Mitts & Merrill K-1212
1 Mitts & Merrill K-2024
Mitutoyo BH706 Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
Dial bore gages to 8" with reference rings
Comptor plug gages with reference rings
Misc. gages as required by our customers
Daito Horizontal Band Saw
Vertical Band Saw
Electro-Arc 2SAT Tap Disintegrator
Demagnetization Equipment
Labeling Equipment
4 Trucks
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